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Free Shipping terms & conditions apply

FAQs - Estore Website Discontinue

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why is Estore website discontinue on 30th June 2022? *Extended to 31st March 2023
A1: Due to Estore is out-dated version, we have launched a current new www.pacificwise.com.my with a simplified design and more features to give you a better online Shopping experience.

Q2: Will Estore website be the same on the newer Pacific Wise website?
A2: The content of website Estore remains the same, but with upgraded content to give you more information such as new products launch, exclusive benefits, membership benefits and many more to come.

Q3: Do i need to sign up current Pacific Wise website with new email address and password for this?
A3: Yes, you can register with a current or new email address. You need to create a new password.

Q4: What is the URL for the current Pacific Wise website?
A4: https://www.pacificwise.com.my/

Q5: How to sign up account at Pacific Wise website?
A5: Kindly refer https://www.pacificwise.com.my/how-to-register

Q6: Does my Reward Point gone? What about my point balance? Does will gone?
A6: Don't worry, it won’t be gone/lost, we can help to do the transfer, please email to your request to [email protected]

Information needed:
I want to transfer my point from E-Store to Pacific Wise website

Estore website
Company Name:
Contact number:
Email account:
Transfer point to:

Pacific Wise website
Company Name:
Contact number:
Email account:

Q7: Can I view my order history on the current Pacific Wise website?
A7: Unfortunately, you cannot view the purchase history from Estore at the current Pacific Wise website.
      *Should you need the order history information, please email to [email protected] for further assist.

Q8: Is it safe to perform transactions on the current Pacific Wise website?
A8: Rest assured that it is safe to access the current Pacific Wise website.


Q9: What about the Estore website? Can I continue to log in?
A9: Unfortunately, the Estore website will be unavailable form 31st March 2023 onwards. We strongly encourage you to register to the current Pacific Wise website for your order online and more features.

Q10: If I am not existing customer in Estore website, what should I do?
A10: For new customer, you can create a new account @ Pacific Wise website and get FREE RM30! (T&C Apply)